Our story

la nostra storia lttsrl
Ltt.Srl was born from a group of professionals from different environments, from architecture to finance, united by the idea that innovation and technology can be understood as essential vehicles for improving business processes.From here the birth of a company made up of experts in disciplines relating to architecture, engineering and computer science, aimed at the realization of successful projects through work in synergy between the various areas mentioned above and their conspicuous collaboration.Our value proposition is in fact built on the concept of Advance: what we aim is the development of BIM technology, which guarantees maximum operational efficiency and greater ease in involving several professionals in the construction sector during the entire life cycle of the project.In addition, through the formation of human and external human resources, we aim to reach high efficiency standards to ensure the right integration between human knowledge and the application of technological innovations.In this regard, with a view to a constant development of our management systems, care for the environment and safety at work, the present sees us active in providing maximum assistance to our customers by satisfying their needs and seeing thus involved in the our mission: that is, to become protagonists of a paradigmatic change that is already exploding in the engineering and technology sector.