Standards BIM

Definition of rules and design elements (guidelines, objects, templates) in the Building Information Modeling area

Rulesand design elements.

In order to best apply Building Information Modeling, optimize the workflow and ensure the correct management and exchange of information, it is necessary to define common standards for the different work teams.

A highly customized implementation process tailored to the needs of the client.

We develop detailed manuals and draft guidelines for BIM:

  • Asset Information Model (AIM).
  • Employer Information Requirements (EIR).
  • BIM Execution Plans (BEP).
  • Project Information Model (PIM).
  • BIM Guides.

Libraries of parametric modeling families

To internally build your own libraries of object families, your parametric modeling products, and any design element that can represent the required technical specifications-and that has logic and information related to the different interaction plans-we offer coaching, targeted activities, introduction, and qualified courses on using Autodesk Revit software.

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Modern approach to interdisciplinary collaboration in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sector

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For a shared information flow between all parties coordinating the digital transformation of the construction sector.

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Tools capable of governing complexity in architectural design, structural design, engineering and construction.

How do you write the Employer Information Requirements for a BIM tender?

LTT.SRL offers consultancy in a highly personalized generative design process, coaching and training of designers and development teams by monitoring progress in real time.

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