Scan to BIM

Use laser scanning to create accurate and precise 3D models for surveying, renovation and urban renewal

From real built to virtual digital twin

In a Scan to BIM process, a laser scanner is used to acquire a 3D scan that is perfectly superimposable on the real building. The scan data is then imported into a Building Information Modeling environment returning the digital twin of the building. In other words, an integrated BIM model.

All professionals in the construction industry immediately benefit from the 3D laser scanning methodology:

  • architects,
  • engineers,
  • construction supervisors,
  • contractors

The result of the Laser Scanner survey returns a cluster of millions of points in a 3-dimensional space.

The point cloud thus obtained can then be managed in the BIM modeling phase in order to produce a digital model of the existing one, which can also be evaluated in a virtual reality environment.

True to reality

The Scan to BIM model perfectly reflects the reality of any artefact detected and is completed by graphic, metric, geo-referential and meta-data information.

Fast and accurate

Laser scanning is a rapid and precise three-dimensional survey methodology for the complete acquisition of the scene avoiding additional inspections.

On time

The point cloud is functional to the repertoire of the state of conservation of a historical-cultural asset, for recovery and restoration work and in the analysis of degradation.

How is Scan To BIM changing the construction and maintenance of facilities?

LTT.SRL offers Scan to BIM topographic returns, laser surveys of buildings, buildings and infrastructure to produce digital point clouds, virtual navigable tours (VR) and digital twin BIM models.

The service is available for tenders, new designs, mapping of real estate assets, buying and selling of real estate and facility and property management activities.

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