Facility Management

For property management, the BIM process creates efficiency in maintenance and investment planning.

Optimize planning and management of buildings

The Building Information Modeling design method at the service of Facility Management:

  • building services: scheduled and predictive maintenance, energy audit;
  • space services: what is contained in the “box” such as workstations, instruments, furniture and any other useful component;
  • personal services: environmental hygiene, security, catering, etc..

The BIM method makes it possible to coordinate development strategies, economic and financial planning, management of buildings that are instrumental to the company and to the services at the base of the business.

The information present in the BIM model can be used for a management system for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and emergency management.

This can be done by returning the existing one through a BIM model in which there are all the elements to be maintained and planned for the management of the entire work.

At the end of this process there will be a multidisciplinary model (Architecture, Structure, Installations) of the navigable and questionable state on which to base, manage and plan all the operations and maintenance of the buildings during their operational life cycle.


Analysis and performance simulations for a reduction of energy consumption and for a better knowledge of the structures.


Optimization of operational management, all along the life cycle of a building through the creation and management of a single centralized shared database.

Why is the BIM method useful in Facility Management?

LTT.SRL supports the manager of the real estate structures allowing him to make informed decisions during the entire life cycle of the built work. The areas of intervention range from the use of space, planning of interventions, maintenance of equipment and resources, energy consumption and cost efficiency.

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