Construction 4.0

Having a coordinated BIM model, useful for the construction of the work in the digital transformation process of the yard

Design variable site scenarios

In the digitization of the building sector, BIM allows to plan, through simulations, the reproduction of the construction process over time.

It is therefore possible to design variable site scenarios according to the needs, plan construction sequences, carry out assembly simulations and identify in advance any interference between systems and processes.
Carry out a simulation of the construction site in order to study in advance the organization of the works, the work teams and the timing for supplies, solving conflicts and avoiding feasibility problems.

In order to identify interferences between systems and processes as well as supply conflicts in advance and to ensure greater security, BIM is used in a Building 4.0 project:

  • work schedules, tasks and resources for project management;
  • Gantt diagrams of works and supplies;
  • punctual simulations of the entire construction and assembly process.


UNI 11337_1: Digital management of construction information processes. "Virtualization of the work or its elements as a function of time and space".


UNI 11337_1: Templates, drawings and information objects. "Virtualization of the work or its elements according to currency, space and time".

BIM As-built

The BIM model is also used in the same way as a database for information documents and data sheets of products and works.

How to switch from BIM to site virtualization?

LTT.SRL offers an integrated approach to multidisciplinary design, through control tools we manipulate design elements in order to optimize their manufacture by studying how they are assembled.

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