BIM Design

Integrated design through the realization of multidisciplinary BIM models for linear and punctual works

The qualityof the BIM model

One of the main parameters for defining the success or failure of a BIM process is the evaluation of geometrically complex and information-intensive models.
In the design of linear works or infrastructures, multidisciplinary BIM modeling allows first of all to define variables, thus planning the organization of information.

In the case of specific works such as vertically developed products, on the other hand, a concrete green economy action becomes possible by optimizing all the elements that make up the entire design process.

Finally, the quality of the project is also determined by the degree of collaboration and coordination of the entire BIM model.

Design Levels and Phase

It is achieved through the decomposition into 3 levels of design in compliance with existing regulations, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the process and the project, in order to keep the deviation from reality to the minimum possible level.

Goals and Use of Models

They are the modeling "products" on which to collaborate and which link the 3D models to external databases.Each use represents a set of specific requirements, activities and results, brought together in a single target reference to be specified and measured.


4-dimensional construction information modeling is a shared design process that dynamically and intelligently relates a 3D digital model to time or planning information, providing timely, accurate and useful information about the construction project.


The introduction of the fifth dimension offers not only intelligent connection of individual components or 3D assemblies with time planning constraints (4D BIM), but also cost information.
The 5D models allow participants to visualize construction progress and costs over time.

Where can I get assistance with BIM design?

The most disruptive aspect of introducing the BIM method into a design process is the fact that it requires, first of all, a change in approach and way of thinking.

LTT.SRL offers design support and advice on the entire BIM process.

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