Plan, Design, Build more efficiently

  • You may have planned a “Road Map” for the next 10 years that will bring Building Information Modeling methodology to your company.
  • You can attend conferences on how to better design and listen to the development opportunities offered by technology.
  • You may also have understood how to build in Building 4.0 and seen the experience of the competitor who has already implemented BIM in the company.

However, in the end, you need action.

Practice is always the best way to start the transformation.

Integrated design services
Project mending peripheries detailing covers scan to BIM

Laser scanning for high accuracy 3D BIM models for redevelopment, renovation and refurbishment projects.

Integrated design through the realization of multidisciplinary models for linear and punctual works.

View of BIM Design agora Piazza Vigevano
Virtual Costruction BIM project for mending internal peripheries

Have a coordinated BIM model, useful for the realization of the work in the digital transformation process of the yard.

Support to the R.U.P. art.31 paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 in order to comply with the obligatory requirements of the BIM Decree (DM 560/2017).

BIM Validation project mending suburbs exploded axonometric mending
Aerial view with Piazza Vigevano bridge

The definition of the rules and elements (guidelines, objects, templates) with which to base a BIM project.

More efficient property management and maintenance processes with better economic planning.

Overall facility management project mending peripheries