Start the BIM transformation

Digital enhancement of the built heritage

We develop innovative tools in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) sector with the sole objective of generating greater efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of the building organisation.

Choose to integrate your business processes into a single digital container: create your digital twin by centralising all the useful information sources generated from the built work to your advantage.

Plan, design, build more efficiently

LTT.SRL develops innovative processes capable of producing greater efficiency for asset, facility and property management activities in the Public Administration and Private sector.

You can imagine our work as a traditional construction company, only instead of building with bricks and concrete, we govern the entire building process with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology.

We do this by designing in an integrated way digital tools for ROI optimization in every building and infrastructure field: architectural, structural, plant engineering.

You choose to integrate your information systems by centralizing the decision making process, based on data generated by the building (Data-Driven Decision Management).

Take advantage of the interoperability of systems by contaminating programming, planning and property management activities with digital skills.

Produce intelligent information data flows giving new operability to the valorisation of real estate units, surfaces and volumes.

Consulting and training

Digital innovation tools alongside the public or private sector

Active management

Consultancy and training to introduce BIM in the Public or Private sector
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Asset management

Full digital real estate portfolio management tools

Active management

Digital profitability of building units, surfaces and volumes
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Facility management

Digital transformation tools in service planning

Active management

Digital productivity to management, organisation and programming
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Property management

Tools for digital valorization of the building heritage

Active management

Digital efficiency of building heritage performance analysis
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Stages of a integrated process

Scan to BIM

Laser scanning for high accuracy 3D BIM models for redevelopment, renovation and refurbishment projects.

BIM Design

Integrated design through the realization of multidisciplinary models for linear and punctual works.

Construction 4.0

Have a coordinated BIM model, useful for the realization of the work in the digital transformation process of the yard.

BIM for Public Administration

Support to the R.U.P. art.31 paragraph 11 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 in order to comply with the obligatory requirements of the BIM Decree (DM 560/2017).

Standards BIM

The definition of the rules and elements (guidelines, objects, templates) with which to base a BIM project.

Asset, Facility and Property Management

The definition of the rules and elements (guidelines, objects, templates) with which to base a BIM project.

And this is only the beginning

We will continue to invest in the transformation of digitization into Building Information Modeling because the value proposition of LTT.SRL is to give greater efficiency to the entire supply chain of built works.

The time has come to build the digital foundation for the future growth of your business. And now it’s easier than ever to get started. Find out how.

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