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Certify own skills Expert BIM BIM UNI 11337/7 e PdR 78/2020 con LTT.SRL ODV for Cepas Bureau Veritas and recognised Accredia, means ensure quality for partner, customers and employee

Certification BIM UNI 11337/7 and PdR 78/2020

Certify the skills Expert BIM UNI 11337/7 e PdR 78/2020 means qualify own compliance to role, rappresented an evident value of distinction in the italian AEC market, able to make difference to the competitors, ensuring quality for partner, customers and employeers, in accordance with normative requirements and became winner in the scores of public race as highlighted by August 2021 in the additions to BIM Decree 560/2017.

Certify your skills

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Certification BIM UNI 11337/7 e PdR 78/2020
CERTIFICATE BIM Specialist CEPAS Bureau Veritas

CEPAS, Institute of certification of skills and training accredited ACCREDIA, is part of the Bureau Veritas Italia Group and aims to enhance, with a guarantee of impartiality and experience, the Certification to the role of: BIM Specialist (with specialization in Architecture, Structure, Plants or Infrastructure), BIM Coordinator, BIM Manager, CDE Manager.

LTT.SRL Organismo di Valutazione Certificazione Esperto BIMLTT. SRL as a ODV qualified CEPAS is a guarantee of compliance with fundamental values in the BIM certification process.

Requirement for certification BIM

The certification is released after an exam composed by a written test, a practical test and an oral test.Access is subject to the possession of requirements as per table UNI PdR78/2020 as appropriate technical and IT skills and proven BIM experience by participants in examination sessions and specific training courses.The certification is confirmed annually by the institution, through the evaluation of documentation attesting the maintenance of skills through 8h refresher courses (also provided by LTT.SRL on a quarterly basis), and has a validity of five years, renewable following a new oral test.






Level of education

Secondary school

General work experience in the technical area

At least 3 years

At least 5 years

At least 3 years

At least 6 months ¹

Specific work experience² with the BIM method adapted to the required professional profile

At least 1 years

At least 1 years

At least 1 years

At least 3 specific months in each discipline

UNI/PdR 78:2020 (Note)
  1. The experiential activity can also be understood as an internship or internship.
  2. Only for the BIM SPECIALIST, the specific experience can be replaced by a relevant Master at least 200 hours of training and at least 3 months of stage in a company, supported by declaration from the same company that confirm the period indicated and describe the role and the activity done by the candidate.
NOTE 1) The experience of specific work had to be dimonstrated given evidence to have partecipated at the devolpment at least a work with BIM methodologyNOTA 1) All foreign qualifications, courses and diplomas are recognized and equivalent to the Italian ones are accepted, in accordance with the current provisions of the law. 
Kind of exam
Mximum duration
Minimum score for passing each individual test
Minimum score for passing the exam
Written testPractical testOral test
60 minuts120 minuts30 minuts

18/30(≥ 60%)

36/60 (≥ 60%)

6/10 (≥ 60%)

60/100 (≥ 60%)

Exam certification BIM Specialist

Declined in the disciplines: Architecture, Structures, Plants, Infrastructures. It is the advanced operator that manages information modeling through targeted procedures of digitization and object modeling.

€ 500,00 + iva

Exam certification BIM Coordinator

He is the professional who deals with coordinating the information flows of the order according to the indications of the BIM Manager.It guarantees the efficiency and effectiveness of digitized processes.

€ 650,00 + iva

Exam certification BIM Coordinator

It manages the entire process by coordinating and outlining the rules and procedures for information management, model structuring, collaboration environments, and workflow configuration.

€ 800,00 + iva

Exam certification CDE Manager

He is responsible for data management (acDAT), the correctness and timeliness of information flows, the protection of information and intellectual property, in accordance with the BIM Manager.

€ 800,00 + iva

Certify your skills

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