Practice is always the best way to start the transformation

Consulting and training

Digital innovation tools alongside the public or private sector

Active management

Consultancy and training to introduce BIM in the Public or Private sector

Asset management

Full digital real estate portfolio management tools

Active management

Digital profitability of building units, surfaces and volumes

Facility management

Digital transformation tools in service planning

Active management

Digital productivity to management, organisation and programming

Property management

Tools for digital valorization of the building heritage

Active management

Digital efficiency of building heritage performance analysis
Enhance the built heritage

Building Information Modeling creates a better project

The BIM design method increases and significantly improves the collaboration between designers and contractors.

Active comunication between all parties involved – architects, engineers, general contractors, public administration and facility managers – becomes an essential building block and sharing throughout the entire process of Building Information

Who benefits

More value to design work, in technical resources, in human capital

An opportunity to improve the current production and organizational processes, certainly able to reduce waste and increase efficiency, both in terms of time management, but especially in terms of costs and quality of construction.

BIM technologies
BIM rules
BIM Design
BIM processes
BIM people
BIM method
We create opportunities
And this is only the beginning

We will continue to invest in the transformation of digitization into Building Information Modeling because the value proposition of LTT.SRL is to give greater efficiency to the entire supply chain of built works.

The time has come to build the digital foundation for the future growth of your business. And now it’s easier than ever to get started.

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